One of the common reasons to get a hosting server of your own is that you will have full control over the software environment and you can install anything you wish. This will enable you to run apps which require specific software to be present on the server, which is not possible with a shared web hosting server in which you could install software only inside the account, but not on a root level. If you're not very experienced with such matters, however, you may come across difficulties as managing a server of your own differs from managing a conventional shared website hosting account. In this light, we offer an upgrade with our hosting server plans called Installation & Troubleshooting, thus our administrators will be able to take care of a variety of tasks which should be done or can resolve many problems that you could come across.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers

The upgrade is available with all of our dedicated web hosting plans and as long as you add it, our expert administrators shall be able to aid you with anything on your server. For example setting up any third-party software which you might want to use on the machine and troubleshooting any script that operates inadequately or does not run at all. Our upgrade comes with 1 hour of work and in case a specific task isn't very time-consuming, we'll add the remaining time to your account. You'll be able to see how many minutes are left in your billing Control Panel and use them whenever you need help again. The Installation & Troubleshooting upgrade could be purchased at any time, so if you require something to be installed in the very beginning, you could add it to your order during the sign up procedure, while if you require support later, you could add it from the server billing area. Half an hour of custom work are supplied with our Managed Services pack too, but if you require more work to be performed on the server, the Installation & Troubleshooting upgrade will be a guarantee that your applications will be installed and set up in the best possible way.